Appliances: Sleep Apnea & Snoring

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"It's more CPAP"
(Aspen, 69 yo male)

"My husband and I are thrilled, no more ear plugs and we can sleep together again"
Basalt, 55 yo female

"No more Brain Fuzz"
Basalt, 55yo female

"I haven't had this much energy in 55 years!"
(Eagle, 55 yo male)

"I've already lost weight!"
(Basalt, 38 yo male)

"I have my husband back...he has energy after work and his mind is clearer!"
(Eagle, wife)

"I slept with my wife in the same hotel room for 30 days...we haven't done that in years!"
(Carbondale, 58 yo male)

"It works...I've told friends in Boston and Texas!"
(Snowmass Village, 61 yo male and his wife)

"It's easy to take on trips or camping..."
(Aspen, 41 yo female)

"It's a miracle!"
(Carbondale, wife of 61 yo male)

"Thank you for your treatment, otherwise we probably would have been divorced by now."
(Snowmass, wife of 63 yo male)

(Many spouses)